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Better Read Than Dead - Store Location
Event Queries
Please note the following before contacting us about your event. 
The Space:
Better Read Than Dead  hosts in-store author events up stairs in our Art and Design section. This space comfortably holds 30-35 attendees. Authors of kids/young adult books can hold their events in the Kids section on the ground floor. We can occasionally accommodate larger crowds for launch parties and more established authors.
Better Read  will promote events using our media contacts, Facebook and other social media, etc. However, we require authors promote their events through their website, Facebook, and other social media outlets. We will do our best to join forces with you as far as promotion goes.
What to include in your e-mail:
  • The author's name;
  • A contact email address;
  • A contact phone number;
  • Thebook/books you're looking to promote;
  • Projected number of attendees;
  • A website with more information on your author/book;
  • The date and time you are interest in holding your event.

This information will help us in our selection and scheduling process.
If you schedule an event with BRTD, please avoid scheduling another event in the  inner west of Sydney within two weeks prior to or following the event. This helps to solidify event attendance.
If you are interested in holding a book-related event at Better Read Than Dead, contact us at
We consider all requests to hold book events in the store. However, please be advised that we are very selective about which events are held and strongly favour local authors.


Consignment Queries
In addition to stocking books from major publishers and small presses, Better Read Than Dead carries select titles on consignment.
Preference is given to local authors, unusual books or those with local interest, and most importantly titles we think we can sell. Given the number of books we already stock and our limited space, we are very selective about the titles we take on consignment. 
Terms of consignment are:
  • Payment is 60% to consigner, 40% to BRTD;
  • BRTD will carry a consignment title for approximately 2-3 months, at which time a decision will be made whether or not to keep the book in stock or have the consigner pick up any unsold copies;
  • If we decide to return the book, payment will be made for any copies sold.  If all copies have sold and we want to order more, payment will be made at the time of reorder;
  • The consigner is expected to pick up any unsold copies or to pay postage for return of unsold copies within two weeks of being notified.  Books not picked up in a timely fashion are put into our free box in front of the store.
We prefer interested consigners contact us via email or call ahead to schedule an appointment.
Please send a detailed description of the book and a short biography of the author to Include any links or information that will help us decide if the book is a good fit for Better Read Than Dead.


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