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Joseph Karst: second edition: A pioneer of long-range approaches to Mediterranean Bronze-Age ethnicity: A study in the History of Ideas

Joseph Karst: second edition: A pioneer of long-range...

Author: Wim M J Van Binsbergen
ISBN: 9789078382478
Format: Paperback

Throughout the second half of the years 2000, Fred Woudhuizen and Wim van Binsbergen struggled to complete their...  Read More >>

Ethnicity in Mediterranean Protohistory

Ethnicity in Mediterranean Protohistory

Author: Wim M J van Binsbergen ,  Fred C Woudhuizen
ISBN: 9781407308234
Format: Paperback

This book focuses in the main on the question of the ethnicity of the Sea Peoples of the central and eastern Mediterranean...  Read More >>

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