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Kodiak & The Un-Hunted Place: An Alaskan Malamute Battles a Coyote for the Heart, Soul, & Future of the World

Kodiak & The Un-Hunted Place: An Alaskan Malamute Battles...

Author: Ryan Petty
ISBN: 9780935446104
Format: Paperback

DOG HERO STORY / NOVEL IN VERSE / EPIC POEM, AGES 9-12: Kodiak & The Un-Hunted Place is the story of a big cross-eyed...  Read More >>

Elves in the Boeoekhouse

Elves in the Boeoekhouse

Author: Ryan Petty ,  Vera Kulikov
ISBN: 9780935446173
Format: Hardback

Elves in the Boeoekhouse is a picture book about a group of Elves who take over a curbside library (aka a boeoekhouse)...  Read More >>

The Life He Never Knew

The Life He Never Knew

Author: Dave Field ,  Ryan Petty
ISBN: 9781611602913
Format: Paperback

Thomas has war fever in 1862 as he marches towards the Yankee invaders in Tennessee. But his accidental run into...  Read More >>

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