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Produktionsfaktor Mathematik: Wie Mathematik Technik Und Wirtschaft Bewegt

Produktionsfaktor Mathematik: Wie Mathematik Technik...

Author: Martin Grotschel ,  Klaus Lucas (Aachen University of Technology)
ISBN: 9783540894346
Format: Paperback

Mathematik als Produktionsfaktor und Innovationsverstarker? Wer wissen und verstehen will, warum die Mathematik...  Read More >>

Taurine 7

Taurine 7

Author: Martin Grotschel ,  Junichi Azuma
ISBN: 9780387567402
Format: Hardback


Mathematical Programming the State of the Art: Bonn 1982

Mathematical Programming the State of the Art: Bonn...

Author: Achim Bachem ,  Martin Grotschel
ISBN: 9783540120827
Format: Hardback

In the late forties, Mathematical Programming became a scientific discipline in its own right. Since then it has...  Read More >>

Handbook of Combinatorics Volume 1

Handbook of Combinatorics Volume 1

Author: Author Unknown ,  Gerard Meurant
ISBN: 9780444823465
Format: Hardback

Covering important results and current trends and issues across the spectrum of combinatorics, this volume covers...  Read More >>

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