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The Witch of Edmonton

The Witch of Edmonton

Author: Lucy Munro (King's College London, UK) ,  Dolan
ISBN: 9781904271529
Format: Paperback

On 19 April 1621, a woman named Elizabeth Sawyer was hanged at Tyburn. Her story was on the bookstalls within days...  Read More >>

The Amazing Munro Method - Heal Your Emotional Self!

The Amazing Munro Method - Heal Your Emotional Self!...

Author: Lucy Munro (King's College London UK)
ISBN: 9781540357199
Format: Paperback

The Amazing Munro Method is a practical guide to a fascinating new emotional & spiritual healing technique. Written...  Read More >>

Hamlet: The State of Play

Hamlet: The State of Play

Author: Professor Sonia Massai (King's College London, UK) ,  Lucy Munro (King's College London, UK)
ISBN: 9781350117723
Format: Hardback

This collection brings together emerging and established scholars to explore fresh approaches to Shakespeare's best-known...  Read More >>

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