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Self-Compassion & Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Discover The Secret To Self Compassion and Love Through The Power of DBT To Bring Happiness, Joy, Success, and Peace in Your Life

Self-Compassion & Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Discover...

Author: Christopher Beverly ,  Edmund Gazipurg
ISBN: 9781913710163
Format: Paperback

Do you constantly find yourself doubting your own capabilities, being hard on yourself, always thinking you are...  Read More >>

Social Chess: What Role Do You Occupy In Your Relationships?

Social Chess: What Role Do You Occupy In Your Relationships?...

Author: Dr. Christopher Beverly
ISBN: 9780595430048
Format: Paperback

"For anyone uncertain in social situations, Dr. Chris Beverly is the answer. His ability to view social interactions...  Read More >>

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